«The SYMPHONY OF CHANGES»          («Musical genome - Musical I-Ching»)     


Musical piece with the resonant properties for resonant aesthetic harmonization and correcting of Biosystems via listening, meditation, for use in health practices, stimulating creativity and business activity, optimization of the music (and general) education,beat problems in spiritual development,for relaxation, removal of stress, improve the quality of life, good sleeping and mood,for optimization of business, attracting partners and customers, increasing the effectiveness of sporting achievements,clearing the aura of human and houses,structuring liquids etc.                  



    The "Book of Changes" - "I-Ching", which created more than 3000 years ago, is considered as the Holy Book of the Far East. Its basis is 64 hexagrams, a full set of options from six horizontal lines of two types.
  I-Ching  combines the principles of statics and dinamiki.Kak static structure, the I-Ching - a matrix of all creation, it fits any existing system, including human genetic dictionary, open Watson and Crick in 1954. As a dynamic system, a portion of the I Ching is an algorithm of any process in the universe. Of Dr. Karl G. Zadorozhnikova in 2002, has been shown that the basic elements of the genetic system of rights and, in fact, the genetic dictionary, created by the Golden ratio. Consequently, the I Ching is a universal resonance module, which can be used to harmonize the biosystem by setting it in resonance with the galactic rhythms.
Tuning into resonance with the I Ching, the person focuses on harmony as the essence of the structure of the Universe and approaches, thus, to perfection - in its spiritual, energetic and physical aspects. Accordingly, at the level of interpersonal relations, creativity, business and health, the person becomes more efficient. Since the internal harmony, on one of the basic laws of the universe, gives rise to the harmony of the external, man creates around itself a positive information-energy impact, thereby neutralizing the impact of external negative trends of society.
Cootvetstvie-Ching genetic dictionary defines vibration (frequency) with each amino acid molecule encodes a protein, certain hexagrams, I Ching. Hence, the scoring of the hexagram is found to match the note is a soundtrack, and certain amino acids. Moreover, the sequence of this sound in line with the sequence of I Ching hexagrams leads to the frequency of resonance of thin structures of amino acids in a specific algorithm, which is encoded any, including
vital processes in the universe. This, in turn, leads to attune to the relics of the rhythms of the universe and the harmonization of the entire biosystem, which is reflected in the normalization of the health and success of the personal activity in the society.
I-Ching was created in ancient China, and his comprehension is important to build on the Chinese mentality, it is difficult for Europeans. Proposed in the opening of Dr. Karl G. Zadorozhnikova music the way the resonant contact with the I-Ching is suitable for all mentality, because the language of music is universal.
"Symphony of Change" is a means of harmonizing the frequency of our brain with the frequencies of the universe, which is especially relevant in the context of our technological civilization. Man-made system of audiovisual communication based on the principle of disintegration - transmitted by means of their one-piece structure of the world, broken into its component parts - the information is fed into the human brain with frequencies that are not consistent with its own operating frequencies. Any music is a reflection of his era. I Ching, as a universal matrix resistivity nadepohalnoe.Unikalnost I Ching in its universality, because it combines all the processes on the basis common to all existing, standard factors relating to the field of archetypes - meta and metaalgorithms. These factors reflect the basic principle of creation - the law of harmony, which is also the guarantor of security of the existence of processes in the manifested world. Hence, the music created by this algorithm and the structure, the maximum corresponds to this principle, and that its depth "canonical". Music I-Ching, thus, reflects the basic qualities of any era.
 However, if the request is for the Symphony of change ", in which there is an individual work of the composer, as a representative of a particular era, this piece of music reflects just that, specifically, the era - the era of Aquarius. At the same time we must not forget that this perception of copyright-Ching and patterns makes the work an individual, the composer here is a tool for interpreting the most general laws of the Universe in the symbols that are understandable to the consciousness of the modern era.
MEDICAL new era corresponds to the concept of integrity, and the tools it uses a frequency effect on the rights to attunement with the universe Rittman. Energy Information new era must comply with mankind are more subtle, compared to the present, the level of the organization. It is a subtle level, the organization addressed the new tools of medicine, whose purpose is not to eradicate the problem by suppressing, and neutralizing it from reserves of the organism itself, restored through harmonization. Leading means here is the so-called harmonization of the aesthetic in which music takes precedence. Music-Ching is an ideal tool of music therapy - a branch of medicine a new era.
It is important to note that if students are offered exclusively acoustic number-Ching, it would be a "hardware-music", and would reflect it is an external process. On the other hand, this music helps to understand and overcome the "schizoid" is still affecting us, the passing epoch of Pisces. Like the music of Bach, Webern, music-Ching harmonizes era, collecting fragmented, torn "spirit of time" together, leading us to the "assemblage point". This occurs at the level metageneticheskom, because the product and is called "Musical genome. In it there is a combination of two opposites - the streamlined structure and variability within this structure. This makes it possible to use a play for the general harmonization, meaning all of us, children of the passing epoch, seeking to become children of the future, which should overcome the "disease of the transition period" with their sense of loss of life support and depression.
Dr. Konstantin Zadorozhnikov, based on his discovery of the Musical genome (avt.svidet.GAASP Ukraine. № 7479 from 24.04.2003) created a work of "Symphony of Change", bringing together the music all the possibilities to achieve the resonance conformity with the universal matrix. Thus was born a new musical genre ART-N-SCIENCE.
Authentic scale-Jin suffered arranging and orchestration, while preserving its structure and sequence. Saved authenticity of the scale makes it possible to attune to the universal vibration algorithm of the universe, from the Matrix universe and, indeed, with the matrix of our genome. Creativity also creates harmony and makes the resonance, purely physical, the harmonization of the aesthetic.
Work on the track was carried out during 2002 - 2010g.g. The disc is officially released May 13, 2010 (Ascension Day).
            Audio does not artificially generated phonograms kogerrentnyh frequency biorhythms of the brain, as well as other, including the hidden, factors of influence on the bio.

                              MUSICAL GENOME as acoustic FENG SHUI

 One of the most highly effective ways to enhance the vital energy in your home is the use of sound, and this method is called "acoustic Feng Shui." The frequencies of the audio spectrum can be spread through water and penetrate solid materials as well as by air.
The sounds of the environment affect us no less impact than the physical structures that constitute our homes. Some sounds are of a destructive nature. Sometimes the sounds can be pleasant and be calming in nature. In addition, there are sounds that we create in our environment. We are also having an impact "sound quality" in our homes, which is characterized by the ability of our houses to respond to noise. All of these sound fields interact with each other and increase or reduce your personal energy.
   The sounds and music in your home can have a significant impact on the Feng Shui of your house as a whole. When sounds enter the subjects that are in your home, they change its energy field, though it happens almost imperceptibly. One example of what sound actually changes the structure of physical bodies, are the old violin. Over time, musical vibrations arising in the process of playing the violin, changing the molecular structure of wood, from which it is made. When the violin virtuoso plays a violinist, it is thoroughly soaked beauty inspired game and carries the imprint of energy, which leaves that wonderful music that they played. Everything in your house made of wood, are extremely sensitive to sounds, which can leave its mark in it.
           Studies confirm that the sounds that surround us in our living environment are an important factor affecting our health and welfare. That's why your house is so important to balance and heal the "energy sources which are sounds, and force her to support and nurture your spiritual strength.
   One of the ways that you can use to create "sonic mandala" - is the use of harmonic sequences of work "Symphony of Change" that are based on SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES "MUSIC GENOME" sounds that create a melodic structure, which provides us the same effect as itself sacred geometry, penetrating into various objects in your home or office, thus causing their energy fields surprising changes. These audio tones contribute to the harmonization and unification of disparate energy flows, generating incredible sound of geometric forms that remain imprinted in the walls, ceiling and floor of your home long after the sounds die down this piece of music. When using this product, you can have a harmonizing effect on those energy fields that surround you. The sounds can change the vibration frequency of your home. These waveforms to penetrate into the environment, as the rays of the laser. Live wave energy, embodied in the precise geometric shapes, fill the space in which you use this wonderful product.
 Studies have shown that when people start to listen to the harmonious sounds, their blood pressure and heart are normal. Many people believe that after listening to recordings of such sounds, they are filled with energy and become more active.
 "Symphony of Change" ("Music-Ching") - is a harmonious voice of creation, an echo of the invisible world. Any note of the divine harmonies, which expresses the entire universe, is intended to ensure that once sounded. Harmonious music has the ability to introduce some concept or feeling in our memory. Most people know that music has a strong influence on their feelings. However, there is research that suggests that music can have an impact on the physical space surrounding us, just as our senses.
  Both high-and low-frequency vibration, which usually remain "inaudible", has not yet terminated, can lead to stress, or increased irritability inhabitants of the house. Although the harmful effects of background noise is well known and described in the scientific literature, we are only now beginning to realize how dangerous to health may be a continuous effect of sound waves.
      That music, which sounds to your home, having a profound impact on you and all that surrounds you, it can inspire or catch up tosku.Muzyka "Symphony of Change" and similar classical "nbyu Age", which is always preferable for your home or office . She observations show that enhances the ability of people to remember some strange material, for example, such as foreign languages. There is a theory that the measured and calm rhythms of this music can help people achieve a special state of mind, which makes it open to learning. The work has an organic sound that soothes and can synchronize the energy of your home, customizing it to the rhythms of the earth and the universe.
      Regular playing of the Symphony of Change "music I Ching - an effective strategy for creating positive sound environment in your environment, because this product has the phenomenon of" suppression of the sound wave ", when some sound waves can completely drown out others. You can use these principles in order to deal with unpleasant sounds around you.
The sound itself has therapeutic potential. Music I-Ching - a set of sounds, compiled by the laws of harmony, and its effect terapevtichsky much higher.
IMPORTANT! Clean, melodic sounds stimulate the movement of qi, not changing the direction of energy flows. The sound quality is guaranteed by the new technology "obertonalnoy record" based on the acoustic focus of certain overtones, most of which are beyond the physical hearing. Any copying of the disc recording and re-encodes destroys these overtones, and with them, and a special acoustic effect. Therefore, the author and the studio did not aim to protect the disc from unauthorized copying - the very method of recording is protected. It is recommended to listen to music on high-quality equipment, and avoid the possible use of pirated editions, counterfeiting, internet and amateur copies - they distort the acoustic structure of the product and may have a negative impact.

            Advice and solo passages of music therapy - Silk Clinic, Dr. K. G. Zadorozhnikov bodies.
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